FICHIER GUITAR PRO v4.06 D All my lovingBeatles65John Lennon / Paul McCartney (argt. ARJ van den Berg)argt. ARJ van den BergARJ van den Berg%$Watch the chords for easy fingering.65The notes between brackets ( ) are optional. You can %$play them or leave them as you like.VClose your eyes and I'll kiss you To-mor- row I'll miss you Re-mem- ber I'll al- ways be true And then while I'm a-way I'll write home ev- ry-day And I'll send all my lov- ing to you I'll pre- All my lov -ing I'll will send to you All my lov -ing I'll will send to you k tend that I'm kiss- ing The lips I am miss- ing And hope that my dreams will come true                                                                $C Solo guitar@;72-(@@    Am(!(0(,!  (D( !(`(,! @(GB(!(`((! @(EmB(!(0(,! @(CD(!(`(,!  (  Am$(!(0((!   Fm(! (!(  D7 !    Am(!(0(,!  (D( !(`(,! @(GB(!(`((! @(EmB(!(0(,! @(CD(!(`(,!  ( D7(!( (! (G7(!((! ( (r      r    @ @ EmB(!(0(,!# :   !       G72(<!((! (  r    @ @ EmB(!(0(,!(  :   !       G7(!((! (  r!!! 000Cm(0(()(  d(<(  )  Gm(0(() (  2(<(  ()    Am(0(()   d(4(  ()  Gm( (D7/F#####( (G7/F#####   (@@  @r!!! r